Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treating

We were inspired by our new home in the One Acre Wood.

Our new next door neighbors, Dixie and Gene. They've lived in their home for 46 years. We have been enthusiastically welcomed by them with sandwiches, and two batches of chocolate chip cookies.

Zoe had a great time. She opened 20 (we counted) lollipops, and gave each one a single swipe before tearing off the next paper.
Piper sampled all of the candies that come in packs. Both girls exhibited good strategies in tackling more candy than their tender minds could conceive. Alas, their inexperience with refined sugar bested them and they left this pile uneaten, to fall straight asleep.
Meanwhile, Noah had a Celebratory Bottle of Milk.
And was severely cute.


freetosing said...
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Patti said...

Are you Christopher Robin? Or Rabbit? Kanga! But I think I see whiskers..

ari said...

ha. I was a third Tigger. We recently saw the Tigger movie and all of the friends dressed up as Tigger to be his family for him. So, for us, there was room for three Tiggers. Brandon was "Christopher Robin" but...with a beard.

stephanie said...

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Terri said...