Saturday, July 24, 2010

The oldest Jones baby

Yesterday marks the day that Noah turned 17 months! And he holds the unique title of being the only 17 month old in our house hold who did not become an elder sibling that day (or the day before.) We're enjoying our kiddos and catching our breath. We celebrated last night by setting free our four butterflies that we grew from caterpillars in our butterfly garden kit. Piper and Zoe coaxed them out by shouting "Arriba, arriba, arriba!" That comes from our discovery that our internet/postal mail movie service streams Dora episodes. A few more pictures:

Noah at 17 months

Applying lipstick is harder than it looks

Three happy children

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well. Now I know what a kidney stone feels like. And it honestly is similar to child labor. But gentlemen, with all due respect, child labor one ups you just a bit. Imagine feeling all of that pain and then insert a 20 pound sack, hanging from your rib cage and hips, of muscle, fluid, and baby kicking you while you are in pain. That's kind of the difference. Well, and delivery. I haven't yet delivered the unwelcome invader, however from what I hear there will be no tearing or need for stitches. But, yes the intensity of pain is brutally similar. Anyway, I've been knocked down by one of these monsters and that's giving me time to update the blog!Our house is getting more and more beautiful. We've got the yard fenced, sodded, and scr
eened in the porch. The inside is now painted save the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. It is amazing, the difference. I'm still working on organizing the before and after photos, but we are enjoying this place.

Piper is now four, Zoe is 2 and a half, and Noah is one. We are very very very busy with them. Feeding, educating, bathing, and playing, take up about all of the day. Piper is learning to read, and is taking gymnastics. Zoe and Noah are singing their ABC's and Zoe is learning to count. None of us is ready to potty train yet, so little Z is still in diapers. Maybe next month.

The girls were flower girls in a wedding recently. These are the most recent pictures I have of everyone.

Hmm. Pretend the order of photos isn't backward. That's it. More to come another time.