Monday, August 31, 2009

according to Piper

You sing it like this:

A B C Ds K F G
H I J K ewhoawhoawhoa P
Number U X Y and Z
now I sang my ABCs,
next time won't you sing with me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Zoe is our caretaker. Often, if she can't find Noah or Piper and there is some situation that she feels like might put them in danger, she frantically alerts me.

Once I was bringing groceries in, so I set Noah in his infant carrier, on the garage floor so that he could watch me walk back and forth from the car to the house. Zoe thought that I'd forgotten him, and on one of my trips to the back door starting crying, and tugging at the handle of the car seat yelling "baby! baby!!!"

Today Piper was asleep in my bed and Zoe was up. There was a bit of thunder for a few minutes and Zoe again was trying to locate Piper to make sure she was safe. I was able to keep her from storming my bedroom and waking Piper.

Then tonight (I was in a meeting), Brandon told me that as he was giving Noah a bottle, Zoe came over and wanted Noah's burp cloth. She walked over to a spot on the floor and began cleaning. Brandon put Noah down to check out what Zoe was doing (much to Noah's dismay) and discovered that Zoe's diaper leaked and that she was cleaning her own pee off of the floor. He got her diaper off of her and she took herself to the potty and sat.

It is a lot of fun watching these little ones grow.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Sesame Street has been brought to you by"

We watch Sesame Street. Over Here we do.

So that means that the "Letter of the Day" and the "Number of the Day" are practically people. They are celebrities. So imagine the surprise and delight for Piper, sitting right in the middle of the bench seat behind me in the car, when we turned the corner of the parking lot and came across...the Letter O!

She greeted The Letter O very cheerfully and then said "Mommy, where is the Letter D? Let's see The Letter D next!" We apparently had entered into a Letter Safari.

Letters Later:

And my Zoe takes her shaving cream straight across her back and then through her hair in one smooth wipe. That move produces this look. She's got something there I think...

Piper dreaming about summer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zoe's baby

Some things to remember.

This week Zoe intended to brush Piper's hair. This morning I finally was able to describe their play. It is interestingly like a pack of feral dogs. They love each other, stick together, and yet if one gets too close to a toy there is an immediate and viscous reaction indicated by shrieking, screaming, and potentially flailing and teeth baring. I intervene, or the situation resolves itself and we go back to a happy wolf cub pack. So, Zoe went at Piper to brush her hair. Said viscousness erupted. I was washing my face and remembered that earlier Zoe tugged her doll out of her crib and was mothering it. So I instructed through soapy eyes, "Zoe, go brush your baby's hair."
"OOOOOOOtay!" She said. I went back to washing my face.
A few minutes later I heard sleeping Noah stirring in the monitor. I'd just put him down to nap and the 20 minutes wasn't a long enough sleep for him. I went to check on him and discovered Zoe had opened his door, climbed up the side of his crib and was reaching in with the brush and combing is nearly bald head. He was arched up as high as he could be from his tummy grinning wildly. I laughed and then Z and I had another talk about not going into her brother's room when he is asleep. My freshly groomed Noah skipped the rest of his nap.

Our day today has not been so eventful, little girl wise. Zoe is currently napping. Piper is playing with the Little People city. She has some quarter sized plastic lady bugs that are taking turns swinging on the Little People swing and riding a motorcycle. She is talking in her pretend voice which is really high pitched and they are saying "okay, now its my turn." Noah is laying under his play gym blowing bubbles and cooing at the monkey. He started rolling over from his stomach to his back yesterday! That's the hard one for our babies Brandon is helping with the garage sale a street over and I am taking it all in. This is August so far.