Friday, October 19, 2007

photos and a bedtime story

First the photos.

Zoe awake at about 9 days old, and Piper playing last week. For Piper, sunglasses are a favorite accessory, but are never to be worn. They are for peek-a-boo games.

Now the bedtime story.

Piper likes her crib. In the mornings, and after naps, she wants to spend at least 20 minutes in her crib playing, and is not happy if I come get her too soon. Lately when she's tired she tries to climb IN to the crib. Its very amusing. Tonight I was tending to Zoe so Brandon put her to sleep. I kissed her goodnight, and she and he sat in the reading chair for the routine: read, turn off light, go to bed. Usually the parent is in charge and walks the child through this. Tonight, though, tonight less than a minute after I shut the door, Piper leaned over to the touch lamp, turned off the light, hopped out of Brandon's lap, walked to her crib in the dark and started trying to climb in saying "night night, night night." That's my girl.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

she's here!

She's actually been here awhile, I'm just finally crawling back to the computer. Two babies is harder than just one. Anyway, we had a WILD first week complete with rogue epidurals, an ER trip and MRI, a ruptured eardrum, sinus infections, jaundice, and lasers. But, its been three weeks and we are getting the hang of it, I think. Sleeping is non-existent as expected, but Zoe is a great eater, nursing is okay for me, and Piper is attacking less and kissing more. Here's a picture.

Zoe Elizabeth

9/24/07, 4:54 pm

8 lbs, 1 oz.

20 inches

Thursday, September 6, 2007

new life

I’m due to have our Zoe three weeks from tomorrow. She’s estimated (on the ultrasound machine) to weigh this very minute, six pounds 15 ounces. Piper was born weighing seven pounds one ounce. There’s not much difference there. Two ounces.
In the picture you see a profile of her face, and she’s got a tiny hand in her tiny mouth. I also thought it was extremely cute that the other hand at the time was down holding on to a foot. That machine is so very cool. So, here’s to three weeks and a bigger baby!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

little nests

Before Brandon I was unaware of all the different types of nests one person can make. I really thought the practice was "handled" fairly well by birds, and that nests were primarily for holding small families of birds until everyone was too big to fit. Then all fly away and the nest is no longer of use…to the birds. I was frighteningly informed once that sometimes snakes use old nests to shed their skin, and if a person happens to be trimming shrubs in which a such squatted nest contains said shedding snake, the snake will quickly make its presence known before slithering (eeeeeeeeeeeeeek) off into some nearby grass. I didn’t like that moment.

Nests made by people. Having been married for a few years I’ve learned a great deal about nests and human behavior. Nests can be made of just about anything a person is continually in contact with: socks, undershirts, books, envelopes, and sadly dirty dishes. Not to be misunderstood; a nest isn’t just a pile of stuff you left around, it’s an unusually specific pile of stuff you leave around, in a place that stuff wouldn’t or shouldn’t normally be left, i.e. a pile of dirty dishes on the floor of one’s office.

Recently I’ve discovered that our sweet little family has begun to make nests together. Tonight I found a shoe nest in the middle of the floor of the kitchen. I’m really not sure how there happened to be a shoe nest in the middle of the kitchen floor, but I loved that nest and recorded it here. The shoe nest seemed just as sweet a recording of our family these days, as a portrait taken by any glamorous photographer. So here is our family, according to the little nest we made together.