Thursday, January 10, 2008

is this thing on?

Well. That was a nice nap.

Today Zoe laughed, really laughed for the first time. Its already midnight, so I should say yesterday Januray 9th, 2008 for the record. She's been giggling for awhile, even in her sleep since she was a few weeks old. But today I held her on the couch and Piper ran up, grabbed Zoe's pacifer and propelled it backwards from the couch, in an experiment I assume. And Zoe laughed! She made this loud gasping laugh and did it over and over as I laughed which made Piper laugh. She really only laughed at Piper, I tried to recreate it, and soon Brandon tried, but she laughed at Piper.

Piper's first laugh was at our church retreat, the last weekend of August 2006, for the record. I was holding her on a swing while some of the church kids played on the playground. The kids were running in front of us back and forth swinging and just as suddenly Piper was making the same gasping laugh. I'm glad I still remember that to record it.

So back to Halloween. We went to the Oelzes party for all of an hour before our tiny flower children wilted. Actually they were a pink leopard of some variety and a ghost (its what Walmart had last minute - I had a 3 week old and a toddler/baby.)

Thanksgiving went well. It was Thanksmas as we celebrated the two big holidays at once with Brandon's parents. They then left for South Asia in mid-December and will be back next week. Piper ate at the kids table for the first time. Zoe enjoyed the baby papasan.

I'm not sure how these are the only pictures we have of Christmas. Brandon tells me that we've got video. Piper got a shopping cart. Zoe got some blocks that she is not yet old enough to enjoy. We have new floors!

Piper also told her first story. She and Zoe share a nursery. Its worked out really well at night. I'm still not sure about naps. Zoe woke up from her nap early and obviously cried. Brandon went in to get her and left Piper in her crib. She was awake and played for awhile. When I went in to get she she smiled, grabbed the crib rails to stand up and proclaimed "Zoe! Cry! Daddy!" Pronouns and verbs!

I feel better having finally posted. I've got to go bed, what am I thinking staying up this late?