Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where to start?

Today has been a long day. Brandon is in Houston tonight with his dad, mom, and brother awaiting his dad's emergency heart surgery. The news that he was having a triple bypass came as a shock and we are all a bit nervous. But I also feel peaceful and hopeful about it. Anyway, its tomorrow.
So I'm at the computer. It seems like I'm not here until its too late to think, or even see straight. It is relaxing for me to write but relaxing is happening in a lot of other ways right now. A lot of wind-down time is spent in the backyard (which has had a major overhaul this spring) after dinner, enjoying our flowers and vegetable plants and playing with the girls. But, I really need to write more. I feel like writing is kind of like eating vegetables for me: it makes me feel better and I like the idea of it, but when I'm tired, and that's a lot lately, writing and eating vegetables get shoved. Today (and I am embarrased to admit this) we are out of groceries, waiting on paychecks and Piper didn't want oatmeal for dinner. Brandon is gone and I wasn't that hungry so Piper and I shared (cringe) Movie Theater Buttered Popcorn. For Dinner. And that's it. She also had diluted apple juice and I had water. Since we don't have any vegetables in the house and our little plants aren't yet producing, I'm writing to feel better about that decision.

And I want to finally post all of the pictures of the girls that I've thought I wanted to post for Autumn and the Whites to see over on the other side of the world, and haven't for the last five months. So here we go.

Back to January -we made a trip to the Faulkner's ranch to see baby cows. The littlest cow that we saw was only a few hours old. That's Piper, Zoe, and an obviously very pregnant at the time, Brittney.

Zoe's four month photo shoot. Also from January/February.

In March I took engagement photos for Stephanie and Dave. They got married this past weekend, and sadly I didn't have my camera with me. I wasn't sad to leave it when we went to Dallas, but as always, was sad I didn't have it when I got there. While we were there for the wedding, we took the girls, Billy and Janice to see the Dallas World Aquarium. It was incredible - the best aquarium I've been to (out of maybe three - but one was in Spain). We saw SO many animals: monkeys complete with babies riding on momma's backs both caged and not, otters, a leopard, penguins, tons of gorgeous fish, flamingos, sharks, bats, and all kinds of birds. We want to go back.

We also dug up our yard and got some free dirt from the camp.

To the detriment of our neighborhood the pile of dirt took five weeks to leave our driveway.

Piper helped us in the backyard by watering and throwing dirt. She also followed me and carefully transferred all mulch that I'd spread to the grass. One of my favorite pictures from the spring time weeknights spent in the backyard:

Easter egg hunt:

Planting vegetables, Piper encounters a cow, Giddyup, Tractor Tractor, Zoe on the lawn:

Our beautiful girl turned two on April 24th. We had a party. The party was wild with 17 kids, and that many adults in all in our house avoiding the cold drizzle.

Sweet Zoe at seven months. This child is competeing with Jude K. for the most difficult to change a diaper. She is crawling and won't quit. So when I lay her down to change her diaper she immediately flips over. I've got her feet in the air trying to keep poo from smearing everywhere and today she literally was doing a head stand twisted in the air, while I tried to clean her up. She wouldn't lay down and kept flipping up into her head stand with her face on the table. She bolted after I took this picture.
Its now too late to think or even see straight so I have to leave. I promise to come back here before October.