Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Zoe is our caretaker. Often, if she can't find Noah or Piper and there is some situation that she feels like might put them in danger, she frantically alerts me.

Once I was bringing groceries in, so I set Noah in his infant carrier, on the garage floor so that he could watch me walk back and forth from the car to the house. Zoe thought that I'd forgotten him, and on one of my trips to the back door starting crying, and tugging at the handle of the car seat yelling "baby! baby!!!"

Today Piper was asleep in my bed and Zoe was up. There was a bit of thunder for a few minutes and Zoe again was trying to locate Piper to make sure she was safe. I was able to keep her from storming my bedroom and waking Piper.

Then tonight (I was in a meeting), Brandon told me that as he was giving Noah a bottle, Zoe came over and wanted Noah's burp cloth. She walked over to a spot on the floor and began cleaning. Brandon put Noah down to check out what Zoe was doing (much to Noah's dismay) and discovered that Zoe's diaper leaked and that she was cleaning her own pee off of the floor. He got her diaper off of her and she took herself to the potty and sat.

It is a lot of fun watching these little ones grow.


freetosing said...

It has been neat to watch your girls grow simply over this past summer. Your family has definitely been a blessing to me - thanks for that. ;) And thanks for letting me chill with your girls (and Noah!) today. I definitely enjoyed it. They are all so amazing.

malita said...

I especially like the fact she cleaned her own pee up - my nephew recently pooped without a diaper on and it came out of his shorts and on to the floor. He ran off and continued to play like nothing happened. My biological clock turned itself off at that very moment.

Patti said...

What a sweet, sweet girl. With her around Noah will never have to fear being left in the garage OR having unkempt hair.

ari said...

Thanks Katie! We've loved having you around.

Malita, let the clock reset. Although, asking any parent about the absolute grossest thing their children have done will cause anyone's clock to combust, turn to ash and blow away in an instant. You do run that risk...

Patti, yes. I think I may change Zoe's "phrase" from "Oh Zoe" to "Zoe's on the case!"